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September 30, 2019

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Service 1.0

ABM – Account Based Marketing

– Daily Email Updates

– Weekly Calls

– Meetings In-Person

– Linkedin Targeting

– B2B Lead Generation

– Email Marketing 





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Info & Notes

Linkedin Targeting
– Target Companies
– Job Titles
– Ad Copy Creation
– Retarget website visitors
– Exclude Salesmen
– Reduce wasted ad spend
– Conversion Optimization
– Campaign Strategy Management
– Increase conversions with phone calls, contact form submissions
– Assist/Create New Campaigns or Edits
– A/B Testing
– Lead Generation Automation


Email Marketing

–  Capture Email Addresses (full name)

– Create / send white paper brochures

– Track visitor page visits

– Lookup job titles on linkedin from email address


B2B Lead Generation

Identify WHO is visiting your website

WHAT they have been looking at and WHERE they came from.

Provide Linkedin Profiles of employees from the organization.

Build a pipeline of opportunities based on qualified interested in your service.




Marketing Automatic Scripts will help you improve your Popup, Linkedin Post, Paid Ads. Get more of the results that matter to your business.


Get More Results

Create simple, enticing ads. …

Use a strong call-to-action. …

Test out multiple ads. …

Create very specific ad groups. …

Choose your keywords carefully. …
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Terms & Conditions

The advertising costs are billed directly by Google & Facebook and we do not provide the official invoices from those platforms. This is a month to month contract.  We are only charging you for the monthly management service.


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