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Geo Tie LLC


December 16, 2019

Payment Pending

Service 1.0

Weekly Demos
– Tailor Weekly Email Designs: Get people to sign up to demos

Weekly Meetings 

2-3 hours meeting in person weekly

10-15 hours a week – meeting in person + campaign creations

HTML responsive coding 

Graphic Design

Segmentation targeting with email responses

Email marketing management 

– Email Segmentation if opened, if did not open, if opened did not click

– Email Design – create new email designs – graphic design – to increase click-thru rate 

– Email body responsive – keep building different email body messages to get reply back, responses, demos, and different messages

– Email subject optimization – build email subject lines which work with different segment audiences

– Graphic Design for emails – 

– Email weekly software features 

– Zoho email marketing

– Provide the sales team, engaged reports which people are interested in each email and the features they are looking for

– Daily Email Communication

– Manage who opens emails and send to sales team 

– Product demos for warm leads

Payment Method – bi-Weekly payments of $1,000





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Our smart technology will help you improve your email campaigns over time to get more of the results that matter to your business.


Terms & Conditions

The email service is billed directly by Zoho and we do not provide the official invoices from that platforms. This is a month to month contract.  We are only charging you for the monthly management service.

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