How To GET SALES on Shopify!

Step 1:
Get in front of customers searching for your products.

Step 2:
Only pay for results, get visitors to your cart then checkout page then Order Completed page.

Step 3:
Turn 1st time sales into weekly sales with lifetime funnel.

Step 4:
Turn paid traffic into organic traffic with recurring customers

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30 Mins


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Focus on delivering and tracking high quality leads from multiple advertising channels, such as Google Search, Google Display, Bing, Facebook / Instagram Ads, and remarketing ads networks. Google Adwords & Google Analytics Certified / WordPress Specialist / Bing Certified

In just 1 month, Get Results:

  • Keep your company in front of new and existing customers.
  • Automated campaign creation across all major channels.
  • Save campaign management time & costs and advertise like a pro.
  • 24/7 automated optimization

What’s Included:

  Real Website Traffic

  Landing Page + Lead Gen Form

  Save 5+ hours a day – PPC Management

Get More Customers With Campaign Automation

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    Take your company to the next level.

    What’s Included:

    • Increase your ROI
    • Get the Right Audience.
    • B2B – B2C – Ecommerce
    • Auto Bid Automation | Auto Keyword Research
    • Daily – Weekly – Monthly Reports

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    Still have questions about your Advertising Campaigns?

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    Geo Tie Automation allows your content to stay in front of your audience,  across multiple ad channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

    #1 Phone Support:

    We will answer your call in 10 seconds or less.

    Set a budget that works for your business

    Find The Right Customers

    Our smart technology will help you improve your ads over time to get more of the results that matter to your business.

      Want to speak with Marketing Specialist? Right Now!

      Before Changes

      After Changes

      The average conversion rate is 2%, with these changes you can get leads to convert at 15%-20% rate.

      Before Changes

      After Changes

      By combing the first name and last name to full name, you reduce two fields to one field.

      Referred by field, can be a hidden field and you can pull that information with UTM codes.

      I am not a robot field is remove, hubspot has a feature to remove robot spam emails.

      city , state fields are removed, you can automatically pull the city and state hidden fields from the zip code using a script.

      the font family is changed to serif, which makes it easier for the visitor to read.

      the background image was too busy, have a plain background and look at the women looking at the contact form. this helps the visitor look at the form. sounds crazy but it works.

      removed the fridge image (that image can be overwhelming), lets keep it simple with the free sample pack

      less is more, visitors only have 30-60 seconds to make a decision.

      if the page is too long visitors wont convert.

      Need More Leads?

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Do I need an active Google Ads or Facebook Ads account?

        Yes, you would need an active Google Ads or Facebook Ads Account. your ad accounts will connect our system, enabling our algorithms to work with them.

        Do you charge me for the advertising costs?

        No, the advertising costs are billed directly by Google & Facebook and we do not provide the official invoices from those platforms. We are only charging you for the service fees.

        Can I control my advertising budget?

        Yes, you can set a daily budget limit and can pause or stop your campaigns at any time.

        Can I cancel anytime?

        Yes, there is no commitment to use GeoTieLLC. You can stop the service at any time.

        Can I see my advertising campaigns performance?

        You can check the overview of your campaign on our app dashboard & drill down to specific data with reports.

        When do I get the $75 Google Ads credit

        The $75 Google Ads coupon is added to your account after an initial spend of $25.